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steel knives - can i season them like a wok?

huoguofengzi | May 22, 201205:48 AM

Ok, so this question may fall into the "are you kidding me?" category, but I've got to throw it out there anyway. I recently acquired some beautiful handmade steel knives (Uyghur knives, from northwestern China, a town called Yegesar - many spellings - for anyone familiar with China/Xinjiang). They are not stainless, and rust very easily. For the time being, I've wiped them dry and then with vegetable oil to avoid rusting. My question...well....let's call it a proposal: can I coat them with vegetable oil and then brown the oil over a flame - much in the way one would season a wok? Seems to me this might be a good way to keep them from rusting. Thoughts? Is this a terrible idea? Any other suggestions for dealing with this type of knife? I love the look and feel of the knives but don't relish the idea of having to make sure they are completely dry from minute to minute and coated with oil while not in use......Thanks in advance for any help! This is my second Chowhound post - I'm an American who's been living in China for about 8 years and I am happy to help with any China/Chinese cooking questions, especially when it comes to Chongqing/Sichuan food.

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