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Steamed eggs with clams report (photo)

Alice Patis | Oct 29, 2005 02:16 AM

Well I made my very first steamed egg custard, and as you can see it did NOT look anything like Parc HK's.

I used Yimster's basic recipe: 3 whole XL eggs, roughly 1/2 cup chicken broth, pinch salt. I also added scant tsp of sesame oil. Whipped in my KitchenAid stand mixer, strained, and poured over 14 live Manila clams, in a pyrex pie dish. Sprinkled a light dusting of dried shrimp roe and 1 sliced green onion.

Water was a rolling boil when I put the dish into bamboo steamer. Steamed for exactly 8 minutes (I was busy with the final touches/serving of the other 7 dishes my mom & I cooked tonight that I didn't have time to check before 8 minutes was up).

So what happened, why does it look like I poached some scrambled eggs in big dish of clam liquid? And the clams opened after the eggs set, not before. How do I get the clams to open before the eggs set?

Also, when I put the dish into the steamer and closed the lid, I turned my gas stove down to what I guessed was a simmer, then around halfway through, I second guessed myself and returned the heat to a boil, then for the last minute or so I turned it back to low. Could that have messed things up?

Anyway, it tasted pretty good, eggs were soft, not spongy at all, but there were some micro air bubbles at the bottom where the egg is against the glass dish. The dried shrimp roe definitely elevated the dish, and next time I might use more. Without the roe, it would've been pretty bland, but that's probably because I used Swanson's low sodium chick broth instead of home made. Oh and I forgot to scatter oyster sauce after it was all done (I even bought the Premium Lee Kum Kee sauce with the lady on the label just for this!), but I think with the dried shrimp roe I didn't need any oyster sauce.

So I guess I'll just have to make this again. Any suggestions for adjustments? BTW, the clams were $3.79/lb at that supermarket next to Grand Century Mall. And I think the Lee Kum Kee Premium was around $2.79 (over $7 at my neighborhood Safeway!!).

Stay tuned for reports on the other 7 homey vietnamese dishes we made, including stuffed tomatoes!

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