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Steaks - Straight (plain) or Sauced ?


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Steaks - Straight (plain) or Sauced ?

ilikefood | Nov 26, 2006 03:17 AM

I transferred some of my postings and replies to me from Eat Nopal from LA Board topic- "Which steakhouse gets it "right" regarding how the beef is cooked" because these are off original topic.

ilikefood replied: As for steaks - a good piece of meat just requires S&P (OK-Kosher salt & fresh ground pepper) , maybe rub w/ a little olive oil, maybe a garlic clove. Sear it on the outside short of charred keep it Med Red on the inside. Let it rest for 5-10 minutes. Served w/ NO steak sauces & THAT INCLUDES KETCHUP !

Eat Nopal replied:
I disagree with that premise. American Beef is very tender, but it is also fairly bland (both seem to be largely diametrical opposites in meat that is merely excellent)... as such it is easy to overwhelm.

But there is quality, grass-fed Angus beef from places like Sonora, New Zealand & Argentina that is much gamier, flavorful & robust enough to stand up to interesting sauces.

To date... these are my top steak eats... in no particular order:

Sonora Black Angus Filet Mignon in Gorgonzola Sauce (Medium Rare) at The Red Lobster in San Felipe, Baja California

New Zealand Venison Filet heavily peppered with Roasted Shallot-Wine Sauce (Rare) at Turner's Steakhouse in Costa Mesa, California

Argentinian Rib Eye in Bone Marrow Barbacoa sauce (Guacho Style Medium Rare) at Los Girasoles in Mexico City

Plain steaks... whether at Boa, Joe's, Michael's, Pinot & others... just do not come close to the perfect marriages above.

ilikefood responds:
Eat Nopal- Your top steak eats sound tasty. I realize my post may be misleading, but I like beef with finer sauces also. I am a “purist” in not wanting sauces (DEFINITELY not the A-1 variety I meant by “NO steak sauces ") on my steaks cooked at home and almost always at a restaurant. However, I like good finer sauces (i.e. French, gourmet), esp if their beef based (from deglazing, drippings, juices,- like to try bone marrow) with a sliced filet such as flatiron steak.

Also, you seem to support my “purist” opinion when you write-“American Beef easy to overwhelm.”. In referring to American beef as being ”merely excellent”. Plus, all your examples are non-American beef, but virtually 100% of the steaks we eat here are from American beef. Canadian beef is probably indistinguishable from comparable USA beef.

On the one hand I’d like to try Argentinian, Sonoran, New Zealand beef/steaks but I don’t want to risk being converted to the belief that good American beef (esp Prime Grade) is “fairly bland“, an opinion that I and the vast majority of American steak lovers would very much disagree w/. Also, I’m not driving to Costa Mesa* to try New Zealand beef, let alone go to Mexico to try Argentinian or Sonoran beef, which are banned from the US.

Finally, everybody has a right to their opinions and tastes. No one is right or wrong on this topic. But talking about steaks and sauces is almost as much fun as talking about sex, with neither coming close to actually experiencing either.

* Though I was tempted to jump in the car and head to Turner’s after seeing that photo of a great looking mouth watering cooked filet under “Gourmet Shop” on :

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