NateHevens | Jan 14, 201511:22 PM     14


Anyone ever heard of this? Anyone using it? I'd love to read thoughts on this thing.

Basically, it's an at-home steak dry-aging machine. Seems expensive for what it does, but then you do get some sweet bells and whistles. And it's still new (they started selling in like December of 2014 or something like that), so they're constantly upgrading.

I don't know that I'm going to have $1999 (or $999) anytime soon, if ever in my life, to get something like this, but I do think the concept's kinda cool in a general sense for dry-aging steaks at home. But maybe I'm just being hypnotized by the bells and whistles and it's really just an over-priced refrigerator and does the exact same thing a much cheaper set-up does. After all, who needs bells and whistles?

I mean... I actually do like my bells and whistles, to be honest, but then I know I'm addicted to fancy new technology (or at least to staring at it from a window or my computer and crying because I know I can't afford it), and I guess the first step is admitting you have a problem...

But anyways...


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