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The Best Steak I've Ever Cooked!


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The Best Steak I've Ever Cooked!

GrillMaster | May 2, 2007 09:43 AM

I want to share the method for cooking the best steak I've ever cooked and one of the best I've ever eaten.

Normally I grill all my steaks. The thought of cooking a steak indoors goes against everything I was raised to believe in. But I read this method in Cooks Illustrated and had to try it. Below is my take.

Use two thick cut ribeyes (mine were an inch and a half or so but could be much thicker)

Place the ribeyes on a wire cooling rack used for baking and place rack over a cookie sheet (I covered it with aluminum foil to make cleanup easier)

Pat steaks dry with paper towel

Season as desired (I used cracked black pepper, coarse sea salt, garlic, and red pepper)

Place steaks still on cooling rack in a 250degree oven (Speed bake helps if you have it but not necessary)

Leave in oven until the top of the steaks are no longer shiny with moisture or 25-30 minutes (you're trying to dry out the very top layer of the steak and warm the center a bit, not cook it)

While you are doing this take your best skillet and get it as hot as possible (do not use nonstick and they recommended not using cast iron because at the heat you are using it can impart some unpleasant flavors...I'm trying mine next time though)

Once steaks are very dry on the outside remove them from the oven

Place both steaks directly in the very hot skillet (don't use oil, butter, anything)

Cook on one side for 1 1/2--2 minutes depending upon how done you want it to be.

Remove from skillet and give it a minute or so to warm back up and repeat with other side

If you don't have to disable the smoke detectors you aren't doing it right. After you're done you'll remember this meal from the smell in your kitchen for a couple of days)

I topped mine with patts of garlic infused butter (I forget the brand name) right after they came out and that made them even better)

Eat and enjoy!

(The key here is getting the outside of the steak as dry as possible so you get a good char on the outside. I you don't get it dry you just end up steaming the meat...yuck!)

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