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How To Stay Home and Be a Ramen Ninja?

hangrydiary | Jul 22, 202104:57 PM    

Disclosure: We received the ramen district box for free in exchange for a review. All opinions are on my own.

Ramen District is a mail order ramen delivery business. Customers nation wide get to browse their selection of ramen, place an order, and have delicious ramen delivered to their home. It’s perfect for those who live in areas without easy access to a quality ramen noodle shop. Clear and straightforward steps are included to teach you how to be a ramen ninja!

But have you ever wondered, what exactly IS ramen?

The most important thing separating plain noodles from legendary ramen is the use of alkaline compound Kansui or lye water. This is what gives the flavor, softness, and elasticity of beloved ramen noodles.

Wheat flour has traditionally been the main base ingredient but modern dietary requirements have driven innovation for a range of ramen made from non-wheat flour. A lot of people think ramen must also contain egg but this isn’t true at all.

Moving on to the absolute essence of ramen. The broth. Paitan, the cloudy soup ramens, often using chicken and pork bone which is cooked for long hours. The cloudiness comes from oil emulsification. The popular Tonkotsu would be Paitan. On the other end are Assari broths. These broths are clear, cooked for shorter periods and usually flavored with vegetables or fish.

Shio, shoyu, and miso are popular seasonings that is added to Paitan or Assari broths. Interestingly, different regions of Japan have their preferred seasoning. Shio, or sea salt, is the oldest of the three. It is extremely popular in Hakodate, Hokkaido located in Northern Japan. Shoyu, which is Japanese soy sauce dominates in Central Japan. All of the 4 ramens we received from Ramen District were seasoned with Shoyu.

So now, ramen lovers nationwide can cook and enjoy a delicious bowl of ramen whenever they want. Some of the more familiar names you might know include: Daikokuya, Tsujita La, Ramen Tatsunoya, and Hakata Ikkousha!

We tried the $60 sampler box which comes with four servings. Each order comes in a styrofoam cooler box and dry ice to keep products fresh through shipping. But do remember to put yours into the freezer right away when you receive it.

Each pack comes with cooked broth, fresh noodles and ramen toppings (meat and vegetables). Our suggestions would be making your own boiled eggs and corns!
Instruction includes four easy steps to cook your ramen. So you can enjoy a bowl of ramen in roughly 10 minutes without having to place an order through an APP or lining up at packed stores!

Prepare two pots – one for the soup base and ingredients. One for the ramen noodles

Add toppings you enjoy – I added corn and egg! And don’t forget to add the tanota Takoyaki too!

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The Ramen District goal is simple: enable anyone to become a ramen chef at home. Bringing famous ramen shops to your kitchen, we want to help you find...

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