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Stainless steel cooling/baking grid?


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Stainless steel cooling/baking grid?

mateo21 | Nov 6, 2010 11:26 AM

Hello all! I am in search of something that, in my opinion, should be VERY easy to find; it is however, proving to be exceptionally difficult.

I am looking for a cooling grid (I mean grid, not a rack with uni-directional supports) that fits a half sheet pan made out of stainless steel! I don't want non-stick, I don't want chrome plated steel -- I just want stainless steel. Does anyone have a source for these? I've tried a number of different sources and have yet to come up with one, even my local restaurant supply store. What I'm not looking for here is a post of 30 people trying to talk me out of wanting a stainless steel grid, so save your typing time for searching! haha.. thanks guys, hopefully we'll come up with something!

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