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SR85 Del Frisco's Review


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SR85 Del Frisco's Review

steakrules85 | Nov 18, 2008 04:58 PM

So I just finally made my way back to Del Frisco's last night after a two year hiatus. I had been meaning to try Del Frisco's again as part of my seemingly neverending journey through NYC's steakhouse arena. The first time I went there was for lunch and I had the regular boneless ribeye, mac and cheese, creamed spinach. It was a great meal, however at the time I did not consider myself the steak connosieur I do today. Plus it was for lunch and it was a BONELESS ribeye. Anyone who has read my numerous posts on steak knows that I judge the ilk of a steakhouse of their bone-in cuts because well- thats all that matters. Those are the best cuts and this is what we should judge a great steakhouses' reputation on in my opinon.

So without further blabbering I will just give a run down on my experience.

THE FOOD- What I ordered: MAIN- The 32 oz. Kobe bone-in Ribeye long bone. BUYER BEWARE- it is $96 and change. The bone on this thing was like 15 inches long and made for a great presentation. I for one don't care for when places "french" the chop because I believe they are really take away some great tasty meat but nonetheless this was really good. The steak was cooked to my specified bloody rare, however it could have use a little more crust on the outside. The steak had the same seasoning I remember from my first visit (they heavily season their steaks with salt and pepper). Bear in mind, The bone makes up about 10 of those 32 oz. but this is still a pretty mammoth cut of meat. In all honesty, I could not decipher what made this a "Kobe" ribeye. The taste didn't have anything truly unique that would make me say 'Oh yeah thres definitely something different about this meat". Maybe because it is American kobe and not the vaunted Japanese. Overall though this was a very respectable steak and I'd definitely eat it again. However, for the price of $96 I don't think it it worth it. Even after ordering the most expensive single steak on the menu, they have nerve to try to sell you on their three sauces (bearnaise, mushroom demi glace, and foie gras butter) for $10! I for one would never ever put bernaise sauce on my steak. I do love to have a little butter from my steak (Yes Luger is my favorite as many know). So the foie gras butter sounded intriguing to me. I told the waiter it sounded great, however for the price of my steak I wasn't paying 10 bucks for a sauce. But guess what-- my great waiter convinced the chef to give me some on the side for free!!!! And OMG this was the best butter I have ever had. Personally, I never had foie gras but there were little pieces swimming in this unbelievable buttery sauce. Overall, I would say this is a very good steak- a little too fatty, but real solid. The foie gras butter though is truly amazing.

SIDES- Their macaroni and cheese is probably one of the best variations I have had in my life. However, they had so many interesting options I just had to experiment with something else. Not to stray too far I selected the King Crab Gnocchi which is a new addition. AWESOME- creamy, delicious and chunks of crab. This is a heavy heavy side dish and really rich but it is very good. And my great waiter got us extra big chunks of crab in it.

They are famous for their onion rings which are like bracelets! These things are HUGEST onion rings I have seen in my life. Delicious too- perfect batter and seasoning.

Finally- A special sweet potato casserole with pecan crust. THIS WAS INCREDIBLE! I love sweet potatoes and this was the best side by far out of the three for me.

DESSERT- I was stuffed to the gills but hey I had to save room for dessert as usual. Had the bread pudding with jack daniels sauce and vanilla ice cream. The bread pudding was delicious but the Jack Daniels sauce really overpowered it for me. Overall, could have spared myself the calories and stomach pain but oh well. Took the lemon cake to go since it is like for 4 people and their speciality. I couldn't pass it up.

EXPERIENCE- Great space service and atmosphere. The thing at Del Frisco's is everyone is incredibly expensive. They try to push everything- from their "infamous" crab cakes to the special of crab claws that night. You will never get a waiter that says "you are ordering too much food". They want you to over order and pump up the bill as much as possible. In any event, the service is top notch and really second to none in the city. It may come off as a little phony and over the top, maybe even over bearing at times but in a good way. They are friendly and provide great service.

OVERALL- Del Frisco's is a fine establishment. They serve really good steaks, sides, desserts in a beautiful atmosphere with a great staff. Is it a top 5 steakhouse in NYC? I'd say not quite there BUT definitely in that next tier. If you have others in your party who like fish I think they serve some of the best of the steakhouses- lots of great options.

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