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How Do You Spin Your Food


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How Do You Spin Your Food

cuccubear | Mar 17, 2010 09:22 AM

Do you ever “hide” ingredients, or purposely not reveal ingredients because you know your food wouldn’t get eaten otherwise? For example:

Food day at the office, and I decided to bring baya kyaw (from this recipe - http://www.chow.com/recipes/13761 ). Typically I like to share origins of dishes and the good fresh ingredients involved, but in this case
I had a feeling that the bourgeois palates of most of my officemates would see “Burmese” + “Yellow split-peas” + “Cilantro” = Disgusting, so I called them vegetable fritters instead and they were eaten with many “mmm’s” and “ahhh’s”.

For the record, some of the culinary idiosyncrasies of this group include: only eating canned vegetables; Taco Bell is Mexican food; lemonade is a powder you put into your water bottle, etc…

I don’t think I short-changed my peers, and I introduced them to flavors from another culture. It’s not like I sneaked meat into a vegetarian dish, or used 3 sticks of butter claiming it was lo-fat. Those that asked were told the truth, but I didn’t wear the recipe on my sleeve, so to speak.

So I was wondering, When / How / If you spin your food?

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