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One "special" meal - in Paris, or elsewhere?

biondanonima | Mar 20, 201211:40 AM

Hey Chowhounds,

My parents are coming to visit me in Berlin for a couple of weeks and in addition to staying several nights here, I'll be traveling with them to several other European cities, including Prague (one night), Munich (two nights), Venice (3 nights) and Paris (4 nights). We have done most of the Michelin starred restaurants in New York and Chicago already, and I think they are kind of losing patience with tasting menus and overly fussy food in general. However, they have decided that they would like to do one "special" place in Europe, and have left the where and when to me. So, I need your help!

I was planning to choose one of the 3-Michelin-star places in Paris for this meal, simply because it's Paris. However, the prices at some of these places are enough to make me gag (even though my parents might not) - I'd probably set the upper limit for food at 200EU/pp - so dinner at Guy Savoy, Arpege, Alain Ducasse, Pierre Gagnaire and probably several other are out. Lunch is fine though - many of the top spots in NYC do the same menu at lunch as at dinner for half the price, and we've taken advantage of that many times. I've been browsing the boards for lunch suggestions and it sounds like Guy Savoy and Le Cinq are good options - any others?

Other things to consider: I have a feeling my parents would prefer a more modern style of cooking to classic preparations (they enjoyed Eleven Madison Park and Per Se in NYC much more than Daniel, for instance). That probably goes for atmosphere as well. Also, my mother doesn't eat fish or shellfish of any kind, so a place that is flexible about their tasting menu is good. Given all of that, does anyone have any suggestions/guidance?

I've also ignored the possibilities in other cities, which are numerous. I've read some very good reviews of La Degustation in Prague, Weinbar Rutz in Berlin, and a couple of places in Venice - I realize this isn't the International board, but I'm sure some of you hounds have been all over Europe and may have opinions about these places, so lay them on me! Thank you!

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