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And speaking of fish....


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And speaking of fish....

Candy | Apr 18, 2006 01:51 PM

I cannot abide salmon steaks or fillets no matter how they are prepared, there is nothing that can mke it palatable unless you smoke it or turn it into lox. Don't get it near me. It seems in the mid-west if you go out for dinner and there is fish on the menu it is salmon, and of course the usual shellfish. I was talking with a chef from a very good restaurant and asked why he never varied from salmon on his menu when there are so many other good fish available. His response was one of surprise, but everyone likes salmon! No not everyone likes salmon. I know this is a little rant but I would love to see skate, fresh snapper, grouper, cod etc. In other words I'd like some choices and I do have them but not with fish.

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