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Sparkling water question


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Sparkling water question

George Lynch | Jul 25, 2004 02:46 AM

My wife and I prefer sparkling water to flat and almost always order a bottle at the beginning of the meal. We like our sparkling water, whatever brand it might be, the same way we drink it at home: with ice and lime. I always ask for ice and lime whenever I order sparkling water, but we hardly ever get it with the ice the way we want it: in the water glass.

Typical scenario:

Me: "We'll have a bottle of sparkling water, with ice and lime, please."

Waiter: "Fine."

Bottle of water arrives at table with two glasses and a small plate of limes, sometimes lemons mixed in. No ice. As the waiter begins to pour, I say, "We asked for ice."

Sometimes the waiter acts like he didn't hear me the first time, other times the waiter says, "Oh, the ice is coming." Either way, another glass arrives shortly, full of ice. Or sometimes the ice comes in a bowl. We are now faced with the motor skill challenge of getting the ice into the liquid without spilling anything or having the whole load of ice slide from one glass into the other. Sometimes they bring a spoon, sometimes not. And if they do, the challenge then is to get the one cube of ice that the spoon can hold actually onto the spoon and then into the liquid. An amusing diversion for many, I'm sure, but the fun and novelty has long since worn off for us.

Am I missing something here? Was I in the lavatory when the rule about no ice in your sparkling water was instituted? In some cases the bottled sparkling water is at room temperature and they still don't want to part with the treasured ice.

And just try getting more when the initial load is gone, even in restaurants where the water is room temperature.

Or are we Philistines for actually wanting the ice in the glass before the water is poured?

I bring this puzzling little question (at least to us) to the Chowhound community because it has slowly dawned on us that this ice situation is the norm, not something that happens occasionally.

Maureen and I will be grateful for any insights...

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