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Southern Food Historians/CHs? Why Baking Powder Trumps Yeast in the South's Most Common Breads?

opinionatedchef | May 3, 201201:10 AM

It seems to me that The South is really best known for its non-yeast breads: Hushpuppies, Cornbread (both baked and fried), and Biscuits. Maybe it had something to do with the hot climate not being yeast-friendly(is this even true?) Yeast breads take longer but i don't know why that would matter. Maybe the Scots and Irish and English immigrant groups' culinary traditions? (France and Italy have a tradition of bread bakers in every village ) but maybe bread in England, Ireland and Scotland - was a house by house product, and in the South, the first settler women had to work in the fields too and didn't have time for yeast breads as the daily bread? I don't know. Thoughts on this?

p.s. I'm not saying the South doesn't have yeast breads. I'm saying that baking powder breads seem to be "the daily bread" , more prevalent and associated with The South.

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