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South Florida - Days 4-5


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South Florida - Days 4-5

Vital Information | Dec 29, 2004 10:09 AM

Eating continues to be great!

Day 4
a)More Jamaican. We were at the Swap Shop in Sunrise, so did we have much choice? As I noted the other day SR 7 is chow-heavn. It did not take much scoping to find Auntie I's on SR 7. A peek thru the window showed the requisite chow mix of extended families, single older men (West Indian alter kokkers) and cops. Unlike Donna's the previous day, there were no limitations on the food availability. Plus, AI offers combo plates, so we really tried a lot. Best were the jerk chicken, the soggy in a really good way Westminster style fried chicken and the soft "spinner" dumplings in the beef stew. The curries, goat and chicken were both surprisingly (too) mild. Very warm but very slow service.
b) Tropitaste - In the Lauderhill Mall. We were just too full to try one of the several very tempting pastry shops, but who is ever too full for ice cream? Especially when it comes from Jamaica in flavors like kola champagne, stout and grapenut-pistachio? Tropitaste is one of those magically transforming places, filled with assorted rastas and ruffians with bad cases of the munchies. Besides the ice cream, they can get all sorts of wierd drinks (Ms. VI got used to, after a lot of drinking, the odd fruity taste of Irish Moss) and vegetarian dishes.
c) Strombolli - In some mall on University near Broward Blvd. We actually turned the chowdar off just to get a quick dinner. It did LOOK quite New Yawkish, down to the pizza tosser in white tee who was so generic looking he seemed sent over from a SNL skit. I am one who does not worship anyways at the alter of the slice, I care little if my pizza comes in squares (a Chicago thing), nor whether it is foldable, so on one hand, I just do not have a horse in this race. On the other, the pizza was pretty blah. We did not look for good chow, and we surely did not find it. My wife, who spent substantial time living in Brooklyn, detested her eggplant parma hero.

Day 5
a) The Pit BBQ - Way out in the boonies, US 41. The Pit, with its actual, grandfathered in pit, glorious aroma, its screened windows, its leaning walls, and its menu of frog legs and smoked meats, is a reminder that while Rascal House may be the best deli in the USA and one can easily be transported to all sorts of parts of the Americas south, Florida remains in the south of the USA. The meat was just a bit too mild for me, it needed a bit of rub or something, but the smoke did not fail at all. And in nods to neighbors both east and west on Rt 41, one could have their Q with chimichurri and fry bread. Really worth the drive IMHO.
b) Wajiro's - Rt 41/SW 8th St. slightly back towards civilization. I like Cuban food enough, but honestly aside from the coffe and the sandwiches, I have not found Cuban food in Miami to be any better than the Cuban food in Chicago. Until, perhaps, Wajiro's. And not everything we had was great. Dinner got off to such a start with a big plate of thin plaintain chips, mariquitas, with a gaaaalic galore dippin' sauce. Then, both the combination pork plate--roast shank, fried chunks and thin chops--and the black beans were SO good, that they more than made up for inferior shrimp and overly moist roast chicken. More tasty things included totally carmelized sweet plaintains, very yellow chicken soup, rich flan and a fine mojito for the Condiment Queen who could relax on the long drive back up to Davie.


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