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Got me some Sourdough Starter...now where should I start?

Carb Lover | Sep 28, 200507:53 PM

One of my husband's colleagues gifted me w/ a jar of sourdough starter that she's maintained for a long time. She attached a few instructions along w/ a cool story, an Alaskan myth of sorts, that spoke to the nurturing and life-sustaining powers of sourdough starter. I also liked how the story mentions that passing on a portion of one's sourdough starter is a gift of friendship...kinda cool to think that one starter can get divided and redivided among a vast network of people. Anyhow...

So now I have what looks to be about 3 cups of live starter in my fridge. Bread seems to be the best place to start; however, I haven't quite settled on a recipe. Linked a site below that has info on starters (for those who've been inspired to start their own) as well as a recipe. I've baked yeast bread before, but never sourdough or anything using starter.

Here are my questions:

1. Anyone have a fairly foolproof sourdough bread recipe using starter? Any tips? My husband doesn't like very sour sourdough; how can I minimize sourness?

2. Other ideas for my starter? Thought about pancakes and biscuits already, but need recipes. Other ideas?

3. Seems like my starter is pretty indestructible unless I get it too hot or don't feed it on occasion, but anything I should know about maintaining it?

Thanks for your help, and I'll report back on my sourdough adventures...

Link: http://www.io.com/~sjohn/sour.htm

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