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US source for edible fine glitter/rainbow dust (not flakes)?


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US source for edible fine glitter/rainbow dust (not flakes)?

Scirocco | Nov 28, 2010 09:19 AM

My cousin in England uses a very fine glitter on her cupcakes all the time and it is beautiful. I can't seem to find it here in the states. She uses the brand Rainbow Dust Sparkles which I have only been able to locate online via the UK, Australia and New Zealand - nothing in the US. She has offered to ship me some, but it seems crazy to spend int'l shipping for such an inexpensive item.

The Rainbow Dust Sparkles are a lot different from the glitter I have found online here in the states. The only thing I can find is like a glitter flake and is much larger than the Rainbow Dust. Admittedly, some of the online sources are also a little hard to tell what they would look like on the product.

Didn't know if anyone has used this and/or had luck finding this here in the states (or online that doesn't require int'l shipping). I've seen it on eBay, but it is via England.

I'll attach a couple pics of what my cousin uses and its effect. they come in all sorts of colors.

Thanks for any help!

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