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A Possible Solution to the Split Board Issue

Bob Martinez | Sep 19, 201510:05 AM     12

I know the site developers have their hands full doing bug fixes and restoring features. This is a suggestion for when things calm down.

A number of posters have complained that the definition of their home board (now Location) has changed during the site update. Some posters have been particularly vocal about the San Francisco Bay Area location which no longer has Oakland as an integral part.

My suggestion is this – give users the ability to search on multiple locations at once. Allow them to create and *save* a custom search. In that way they could create a virtual “location” that works for them. For example they may want to search for posts on a particular city plus 4 or 5 of the surrounding suburbs. Implementing custom searches would allow them to do it with one click.

I see that the current search function allows you to filter by location but the list of available locations is very short. It also appears you can only select a single location. (I may have this wrong – I’ve only looked at the new search function for a short time.)

If custom searches on multiple locations were easy to create and save all those issues with the boundaries of particular locations would go away.

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