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Solo Dining

kparke30 | Jun 15, 200806:53 AM

Just got back from breakfast at a local hole-in-the-wall. Upon entering, all but 1 booth was taken & there were open seats at the counter. Since it's Sunday, I wanted to read the paper & not disturb my neighbor so I asked a waitress if I could take the open booth. She replied ok, but they may have to ask me to move if & when a larger party comes in. I agreed.

She then proceeded to ignore me for 15 minutes before coming over for my order. It's a small place & it was apparent that she was tending to everyone else except me. It then took another half hour before the owner came over & whispered that she needed me to move to the counter. As I did, it was obviously disturbing the people already at the counter to my left & right. The second I sat down at the counter my food arrived. It seems apparent they knew they wanted me to move, I guess just hoped I wouldn't have wanted the booth to begin with.

My question is, should they have just asked me not to take the booth to begin with?? I'm not sure if I should be agreeable (which I was) or feel a bit at a disadvantage b/c I had the 'misfortune' of being a solo diner?? Classic question I suppose.....and ultimately if I'm uncomfortable enough at this establishment, it's my call on whether or not to patronize them again.

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