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Solid cooking shows/series - need suggestions!

Voidsinger | Sep 19, 201110:26 AM

I've been a big fan of Heston Blumenthal's "In Search of Perfection" series, especially the kitchen segments. I think it holds more value than the traditional cooking shows because I'm rarely watching them to get new food ideas, but usually to catch an interesting technique, or something that I could add to my own skillset (better way to poach an egg, how to properly cook pasta, etc). As a show to watch, the production values are also superior as with anything BBC/british.

Are there other series out there that cater to the more "hardcore" home cooks who really want to see how the best do things? I'm sure I could check out the older series with Julia Child/Jacques Pepin but I'm looking for something a bit more modern. I won't join the whole "Food Network's horrible!" debate, but suffise to say that the Rachel/Giadas of the world are not what I'm looking for.

Your help is appreciated. Thanks!

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