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Soft boiled eggs vs poached

Soop | Sep 15, 200909:20 AM

these two are quite similar; I recently made boiled eggs for the first time in ages, since I was cooking pasta and had some ready hot water to hand. Because it was already hot, my normal timing wouldn't have worked, so I guessed it and got them soft boiled rather than halfway which I usually like. Well anyway, they were delicious, but it did strike me that they're quite similar in many ways to poached (once they're peeled).

Boiled Pros:
No way to mess up the egg (I've only managed to sucessfully poach one egg out of 4)
Doesn't matter much how clean the water is (as in you can re-use a pan)
Can do multiple eggs at once
Perfectly curved, but not egg shaped (due to its liquid center)

Boiled cons:
Very time consuming to peel

Poached Pros:
Very quick to cook
Can go straight from pan to plate (important for things that may be cooling)

Poached Cons:
Easy (for me at least) to mess up
Looks a bit messy

What we need is some kind of soluble bag to hold the egg together briefly when poaching.

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