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Do you have to sneak vegetables into your kids?


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Do you have to sneak vegetables into your kids?

jmcarthur8 | Nov 8, 2010 10:28 AM

I see more and more of this in TV and magazine ads - mom is cleverly hiding vegetables in the dinner.
What I don't get is, why do people think kids should hate all vegetables? I would love for someone to give me a viewpoint on this that I can understand. My two sons, who are in college and are both creative and adventurous cooks, always had certain likes and dislikes (one loves Brussels sprouts, the other hates them, one loves corn, the other is so-so about corn...etc), but we all have those opinions about lots of foods. So why is the TV mom so clever for sneaking spinach into the lasagna?

I grew up in the 60's, and had more than my share of canned peas, but it never occurred to me that one entire food group should be shunned.
Once I had my own family, I cooked every day, and all different kinds of veggies were part of the meals, just as we had an assortment of meats, pasta, rice, spices.. I didn't have to try and get them to 'eat their veggies', and I didn't think they were unusual in their eating habits.

Help me understand this!

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