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Smoke City bbq: NOT

Bruin2 | Jul 31, 2011 09:20 PM

I don't mean to offend on a personal basis, and I do appreciate that taste is indeed personal but anyone that thinks that Smoke City bbq is good genuine bbq, ate there when they were really really hungry, just has not eaten lately at Bludsoes, or Phillips or a lot of other good bbq places here in LA or in Texas, or in Kansas City et seq., or maybe has a financial interest in the venture or knows someone that is an investor. (Someone will question what I mean by "genuine". I can't define it but you know it when you see it, and eat it, to paraphrase the famous line.)

First, in my opinion, there is Bludsoes, which reigns as #1, there is Phillips which is #2, and then there is the rest.. But Smoke City was a whole different animal. It is like some corporate entity decided that "Texas bbq" was going to be the next fast food craze, and tried to emulate it first on a computer, than in real life. The look of the place, down to the fake coke coolers, belongs in Disneyland, as does the food. The pork ribs, which Jonathon Gold said "sucked", indeed sucked. They were of bad taste, and so salty, they were barely edible. The brisket, which others, Gold included, have fawned over, was over cooked, tasteless, and simply not even in the proverbial ballpark as a place like Bludsoes. The beans and potato salad were ok, but the slaw was of Ralphs bulk quality. Putting the slices of white bread on the tray, was laughable; again, some corporate execs idea of what a bbq place is supposed to do.

Let me say that the one positive is that the place is clean and the staff was friendly and nice.

Someone might say that we ate there on a bad night and to give it another try. But our experience was so bad, that we wouldn't think of giving this place another chance. Not when places like Bludsoes and Phillips are within driving range. Hope Smoke City did not sign a long lease.

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