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Smith Street...and Also All Those OTHER Outer Boroughs Streets!


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Smith Street...and Also All Those OTHER Outer Boroughs Streets!

Jim Leff | Jul 30, 2004 11:41 PM

This board has been growing more and more dominated by postings about the restaurant row on Smith Street. And while there's some pretty good food to be had there (and it's of interest to many), I dont' think anyone would say that Smith Street merits near-exclusive focus. So there's a balance problem.

One way to fix it would be to ask people to discuss Smith Street less. But that would be unreasonable. If there's food, it's our mission to discuss and catalog it. There's room for all sorts of topics and infatuations on Chowhound, and we aim to cover the full spectrum.

There are two reasons a wine can taste overly tannic...too much tannins, or too little of everything else. And I think this is a case of the latter. As more and more focus goes to Smith Street, our more wide-roaming and intrepid participants are shrugging and posting less, failing to realize that by subtracting their voices, they cede the agenda, and create a self-reinforcing spiral that's tough to get out of. If you stop posting what YOU like because many people like something else, you worsen that imbalance!

Remember, as you post, so shall you reap (and eat!). If you prime the pump of this discussion with talk that's interesting to you, participants with your sensibility will be attracted. The result: a resource of use to every diner with rich parallel discussion of the full universe of chow.

Note that this is just an announcement. If you'd like to discuss the subject, please do so on our Site Talk board (and you can post a reply here letting readers along know to make the jump).

We now return you to the Chow Discussion!


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