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Small harvest in Lorraine France 2017

TJFRANCE | Aug 1, 201701:25 AM

Hello all !
Go hop! A small share of my harvest yesterday!
The first mirabelles I managed to pick! It is a fruit of the size of a big cherry. Gold color with often a pink / orange face. It is delicious ! Very good taste and sweet. In general we eat them like that. They are also used to make jams and pies. In jams I like when the skin has turned on itself. It is thus possible to choose to spread on the bread the liquid part with or without the skin. I like when the skin has taken on a slightly caramelized appearance to chew it like a candy!
Liqueur and brandy are also made with mirabelles. And obviously many other things!

I also found some red plums. Unfortunately these fruits are often full of worms! Beurkkkkkkk
Too bad we love it!

I picked 2 kinds of figs. We are not in a fig area. But more and more we find trees because people realized that the resutat was good in our region.
These are delicious! Very sweet and juicy!
We eat them directly. Sometimes we make jam. But it is a fruit that is gathered well. We can not keep it for long.

The cucumbers come from my neighbor's garden. He planted for pleasure but does not harvest much! He leaves like that in his garden! Then he gave me 4 cucumbers. They are very good !
His salads begin to look like trees, his tomatoes are huge and touch the ground, in short I wonder why he does this?

For cucumbers here's how we love them at home:
In the salad. Cut into slices. A classic vinaigrette, salt, pepper, fresh parsley if possible, shallots, garlic. And very important is added fresh cream in the vinaigrette. Miam !!!

Bon appétit ! Regards, T.J.

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