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Size of Tunafish Cans??


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Size of Tunafish Cans??

Phurstluv | Aug 16, 2009 03:54 PM

I just got home from the grocery store, and while unloading the bags, I happen to put the tuna cans next to the cat food. The cans of tuna are SMALLER now, than cat food cans, by 1/2 an ounce! When did they start reducing the size of tuna they sell?? It used to be a can of tuna was 6 ounces, and could make four small or three normal size sandwiches; now I've noticed when making tuna salad for my boys, one can barely makes two sandwiches?? The food I serve my pets is now bigger than that for my children?! And paying $2 a can (sale price, btw) for less product? Sorry if this has already been discussed, but I can't help but rant about it because I feel like I've been duped! Has anyone else noticed this? Thanks for letting me vent!

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