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"Site Discussion & Announcements" Community and a New Help Center for Customer Support

patsully | Jul 26, 201902:37 PM     29

Hi all,

We have two announcements for you to consider over the weekend.

#1 We have created a new community, called “Site Discussion & Announcements” or "Site Discussion" for short.

You will be able to follow this community to see updates in your personalized community feed.

We ask that you reserve this space for discussions having to do with Chowhound, and not food. The community will be moderated and we’ll be sure to move any discussions that belong in our food-focused communities to their proper home.

Discussions in the vein of: “How did you choose your username?” or “What does your avatar mean?” or “How long have you been on Chowhound and what brought you here?” are all fair game. You are welcome to embrace nostalgia, especially to discuss previous generations of Chowhound members, but we will ask you to be positive while doing so.

This community will be a fresh start. We will be moving over some recent site announcements from the old Feedback community in addition to some classic, historical threads that best illustrate the goal of this new community.

We will not move over long out-of-date bug reports, as we hope to keep this community focused on site discussion.

To that end, our 2nd announcement:

#2 We have launched a new “Help Center”

This new portal will be used for all bug reports, site questions and general feedback going forward. You can preview the Help Center here: https://cbsi.secure.force.com/CBSi/kn...

We’re very lucky to be working with a great customer support team who will be responsive to messages and work with our staff to resolve any technical issues that come up.

A quick Q&A:

- When does this start? Over the next week we will be updating links across the site to reflect these changes, but you are free to start using the new Site Discussion & Announcements community immediately and submit questions or feedback to the Help Center today.

- Where will the Feedback community go? The Feedback community will be retired, with links re-directing to the new Help Center soon. Older Feedback posts will still be accessible via your profile page, but otherwise will remain hidden from community feeds.

- What tags should we use? Please continue to use “Site Talk” to tag your discussions, but we’re open to feedback on additional tags that you might find useful. Alternatively, we could consider removing the tagging requirement entirely for this community.

- Does this replace moderation? No, our moderators are still working to ensure that posting meets our guidelines and that the community is organized. If you have issues with a specific post, please continue to utilize the Flag icon to send a message to alert us to it.

Going forward, all site issues and technical support in general should be submitted via the Help Center: https://cbsi.secure.force.com/CBSi/kn...

I’ll be keeping an eye on this over the weekend, and will plan to answer any specific questions or concerns early next week.

Thanks all,


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