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Some single bean chocolates from TJ's


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Some single bean chocolates from TJ's

Limster | Mar 12, 2004 12:00 AM

Found these single bean chocs at Trader Joes (this was in Brookline, MA):

Chocovic Ocumare (made from criollo beans from Venezuela):
rather round and bright fruittiness, which I've begun to associate with Venezuelan chocolates, a bit of bitter earthiness and heavy wood, very forward flavours.

Chocovic Guaranda (made from Forastero beans from Ecuador):
A fair amount of fruitty flavour, but mostly intrigued by the complex woodsy, gentle smokey flavours, well balanced against the fruit. Generally more smooth and refined imho than the venezuelan ones. The wood and smoke tones are not as pronounced as the Michael Rechiutti Ecuadorian chocolates I've had previously. My favourite of this lot.

Also tried a Trader Joe's Reserve Sao Tome, made from beans from Sao Tome:
Very very tiny bit of grainiess, not as refined as the the Chocovics. A deep, heavy chocolate, spice flavours, and packs a sharp point of spicy (as in chilli spicy) heat in the finish.

The Chocovic bars go for a very reasonable $1.79, the Sao Tome for around the same price. I think the Ocumare makes a very good replacement for regular dark ^)-70% Schaffenberger, which bares a slight resemblance to this varietal.

Details about the Chocovic chocs and their beans etc... can be found at (they're made in Spain).

(btw, didn't see the Chocovic Guyave made from Trinitario beans from Grenada on the shelf, might have missed it, will look to try in the future)

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