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What is "simple"?

SAHCook | Mar 16, 2012 10:35 PM

I keep hearing, "just keep it simple." Except I always hear it when I think I am! So, what does it mean to keep things simple?

Latest example: I'm making the main dish and a couple sides for a friend's wedding. She was going to have a cake & punch reception, I offered to help with food and it morphed into a potluck as a gift to her. My husband is making pulled pork (it's pretty casual), I'm making slaw for the sandwiches, helping with sauces, making a corn-poblano salad, a mayo-based cole slaw, setting up the food table, taking care of drinks. I was told to "keep it simple." Repeatedly. This is a BBQ potluck wedding reception! What am I missing?

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