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Why does simmering meat with the pot covered sometimes produce gravy but othertimes burns the bottom?

badatcooking | May 15, 201709:14 AM     5

The title of this post is the story of my life, and it just happened yesterday.

Lets say im frying a whole bunch of ground turkey or something, nothing special. After i feel its cooked enough, i put it on low, put a cover on it, and a few moments later i get a lot of juice at the bottom of the pot that i think is tasty. This is how we cook everything in general, this is how i learned. We don't like MAKE gravy and add a thickener and all that stuff, i have no frame of reference for that. i have never eaten TRUE gravy in the context of home cooking, only at restaurants or takeout, we just use those juices as a gravy and its all good.

SOMETIMES THOUGH, if i change a single variable, this method a) produces too much water and its just flavorless or b) produces no water and instead burns the bottom of my pot and the bottom of my meat.

Is there a reason why putting meat on low produce these juices in the first place? Why does it sometimes just burn even at the same heat?

If you answer this you will be fixing like 8 years of confusion lol. Does it have something to do with the fat content of whatever's in the pot or just the amount of stuff in the pot or...

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