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want to make sure i am truly simmering, is the heat too low?

certifiedhumane | Feb 5, 201203:26 PM

hey all hope you are all well... well i am finding myself paranoid over the art of "simmering" . . . i am making homemade refried beans and am at the stage where i am cooking the beans in water for a few hours. the recipe says to simmer for a few hours. i always thought i knew what simmering was however i am getting paranoid that possibly the heat is too low. usually what i would do is just turn the heat down all the way, using a gas stove by the way, however after reading that when you simmer you SHOULD see small bubbles i am not convinced i am actually simmering. when i turn it down to the lowest setting the water just sits there, there looks like there are some bubbles on the edge but they aren't "bubbling" per se, it looks more like a permanent white-ish bubble circle, with no movement.

i read that for a proper simmer you should at least see a bubble come up every few seconds, yet i find im having to turn the heat up almost to medium-high to get there, this is just confusing me even more!!!

can someone help me out? thank you very much :) have a good one

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