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Silicone trivet

FelafelBoy | Jan 9, 2013 09:47 AM

Will a silicone made trivet (they look like small rectangular placemats of about 1/4 inch thickness) impart any odor or chemical into the space of a pressure cooker? To duplicate the height distance of a metal trivet, two silicone trivets I saw at a store would be needed. The one advantage of using them is that they would not rust or give off any metallic odor. Some containers placed in a pressure cooker are used without a cover/lid, which causes me concern for the use of the silicone. I know that baking mats made of silicone are used and exposed to a higher temperature inside an oven, but I wondered about the different cooking environment inside a pressure cooker which utilizes steam and pressure for the cooking and didn't know how silicone would react to those factors.

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