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sign of the *hard* times

tigerwoman | May 27, 2008 04:56 PM

is it just me or have the rest of you noticed that the portion sizes at some of your favorite haunts are decreasing rapidly. I guess I would attribute that to the rising prices of food (raw food cost, gas, transportation and fuel surcharges) and the reluctance of owners to raise prices and drive customers away, but hey the diminishing portions are really pissing me off

two recent examples would be
places we have frequented over the past 5-10 years on a semi frequent basis

the Kebab House on Northern Blvd in Little Neck- which after a severe downhill slid in food quality has made the comeback in quality

but portions are dimiished

for example
an order of eggplant salad which is one of the best baba ganoush renditions in town was a mere 4 Tablespoons when previously had been closer to 8 (and costs $5-6 for the less than 1/4# portion)

a double coban salad which was charged at about $13 - we added feta
was maybe a salad and half with a half portion of feta sprinkled on top

the fried liver was also about 2/3 to 1/2 normal size as was the calamari -plate (1/2 normal portion)

the plate with the chicken chops featured the normal sized meat but the rice and salad portion was 3/4 of "normal size"

and yes I did complain to the owner who grizzled at me but gave us an extra portion of the eggplant and then avoided us for the rest of the evening (he knew I was going to tell him exactly what I thought - in a respectful manner but he HATES any critisism)

the "beef " here was not with quality but rather with quantity. the prices are not super expensive but they are not cheap either - and they are severely diminished portions!

similar experience tonight at

PRESS 195 in BAYSIDE on Bell Blvd

the salad for $9.50 was about 2/3 of previous size and the expensive ingredients like blue cheese, was almost non existant and there were about 4 slices of granny smith apple on the plate. There was a generous portion of roasted beets (comparatively but it helped fill up the plate) for which we paid an extra 1.50 for, so actually the salad was closer to $11 - if that is all I was eating I would not be full or satisfied and the flavors while good where not enuf to satisfy the palate

the portion of fries was decent but hey for $6 it should be and what no special sauce (would have been an extra 75 cents - more expensive for the fries/portion size than pomme frite and this was an add on not the main feature) they gave us a small cup of Ketchup whoppie!

the feta salad was horrible
really awful quality for $9.50
tired grilled/marinated (no flavor and dull looking) pile of veggies, with no dressing on veggies, dressed greens, a few slices of subquality feta cheese - ehhh

salad was always one of their big draws - I hope this was an abberation and not the new norm.

well the "crispy bacon" was tired looking precooked bacon that had never been recooked (you know, the kind you buy in par cooked - ugggh)
that was on the chipotle turkey bacon avocado sandwich which was supposed to have red onions as well (MIA ) and had a small schmear of avocado
again about 9 - 9.50
the bread was tasty - the turkey dry

the one winner of a sandwich we had (out of 4)
was #13 tomato, mozzarella, house special pesto (very good)
to which my vegetarian son added avocado and fresh cilantro. excellent and good balance of flavors

the turkey portebello sandwich (3#) was fair to ehhh..

really a dissappointing meal

and definitely a decrease in portion sizes as far as the salads go
not sure about the sandwiches.

seemed overpriced for what we got in any case
and at those prices would expect perfection

didnt complain about it all

but got an indifferent response when I finally complained about the undercooked limp bacon - yes the waiter took it back but no apology and no acknowledgement that it really wasn't up to par.

Maybe he's seen too much indifference in the kitchen lately and is just resigned to it??

frankly he wasn't paying too much attention anyhow, rewatered two glasses on the table and completely ignored the other two on the other side, (and this was before any complaints)

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