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I'm sick of being lactose intolerant


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I'm sick of being lactose intolerant

Ramon | Aug 29, 2004 09:44 PM

Ok, so I became lactose intolerant sometime in my thirties. It took over a year for my idiot self to figure out -- a miserable year. I've been "living" with it for about four years now and I'm not happy!

It is so inconsistant for me. One day I can get away with a whole ice cream cone. Another day the mere picture of a cow lays me out for twenty four hours. I know what you're thinking -- its all in my head -- but that doesn't make it any less real.

Yes, I've tried the pills like Lactase. I does not seem to help.

I've learned that aged cheese looses lactose, and I've had some luck with this. (I've got some seven year old cheddar in the fridge right now.)

I've also learned that the bacteria in yoghurt kills off lactose and I've had some success with this.

I'm just wondering how other foodies deal with this. I walk past famous Chicago pizzarias every day with a literal tear in my eye.

It doesn't just affect foods with dairy, it can ruin a whole meal. A hamburger doesn't taste right without cheese along with many other sandwiches. Many dishes fail without sour cream. Entire quisines are near off limits -- I have a hard time at a Mexican restaurant.

I can't eat many of the woderful, syrup drenched breakfast dishes. A half stack of buttermilk pancakes screams for a cold glass of homo. My daughter, this second, is joyfully dunking an Oreo, flagrantly in my view!

I taught my self to like soy milk a little at a time. I started with just a little in my cereal and progressed to where I could drink it from a glass without a grimace. I celebrated the next morning by pulling out the waffle iron. I had a wonderul breakfast and the pure maple syrup and soy milk chaser satisfied. Turned out I'm alllergic to soy also. My entire body broke out in hives and my wind pipe started to constrict. I haven't tried soy again.

Thanks for listening to me whine. I'm sure I could have much worse problems. I just wonder how others deal with it. It's even socially awckward. I need to constantly remind people that I can't eat what they are offering me -- even my own wife can't seem to remember. I know many others suffer from the same but no one in my circle of friends and family shares this condition. Please share your experiences.


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