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Shun bamboo knife block 22 slot

goatgolfer | Feb 9, 2010 11:51 AM

My knife collection has gotten out of hand and I either need to buy an in-drawer block (perhaps Messermeister) or go for the 22 slot blocks. I have seen Wusthof''s and Alton Brown's Shun 22 slot. One of the Amazon.com reviews of the Wusthof was critical in that the length of slot (height of blade) was too short for several of their chef's knives. I have only found one description of the Wusthof with slot dimensions and none for the Shun.

Can anyone comment on the Shun and or Wusthof (specifically the 22 slot versions) and does anyone know of a place or way to find the actual face sizes of the slots and spacing. Ideally I would like to find an actual size photo-copy of the face and one side so I could make a mockup before dropping the $89 for the Shun.

If anyone scans the photo copy I think you can attach it to your post with the attach photo feature and if you put a scale on the page it can be resized to actual. Thanks for your help.

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