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Getting around the shrinking box in the restaurant database

rworange | Jan 7, 201009:34 AM

Yes, I know this is absurd, but it works. I'm on IE8.

When typing in the hours, Good to Know and Reviews around the Web boxes, the boxes shrink. Here's the secret to restoring the box to the original size without having to save the record and going back into edit

Click on three other tabs then return to the tab with the restuarant record.

So, I had my mail account, the bay area board and another tab with something I was wokring on open. I clicked on each of these and then returned to the restaurant edit and the box expanded.

It sort of feels like Dorothy in Oz clicking the ruby slippers ... it works. It's magic.

One click doesn't work. Two clicks doesn't work. Three's the number.

The shrinking box has been happening for a few weeks now but one of the many problems I just don't bother reporting anymore. Since I had a fix, I thought I'd report it. It is less annoying and faster than having to save and re-edit.

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