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I need some shows


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I need some shows

e_bone | Dec 1, 2012 08:48 AM

I did look through the first couple pages of posts as I'm sure this gets posted fairly frequently but I didn't see anything that helped me. But I will admit a thorough lack of research up front out of laziness.

I want to be educated or inspired or entertained and I'd like to DVR a few shows to see if I can form some new habits.

Examples of what I like: I found Alton mostly irritating but loved Good Eats because I was learning. I found Man V Food strangely entertaining and watchable. I learned a lot from the early episodes of Molto Mario. I get inspired watching Lydia's kitchen. I've learned some nice things from one of the Ming shows. I liked Extra Virgin the first few times but I'm worn out on it. The original Iron Chef was compelling but I couldn't stomach the remake. I liked Chopped for a few episodes but it felt repetitive and I dislike the host. I've liked a couple of "Grandma's Ravioli" but also found a couple where it was more about "Mo being Mo" and less about the food.

What I don't like: well, that's predictable I'm sure. Every time I've checked in on the newer Food Network shows I'm cringing. But I certainly haven't tried them all.

FWIW I have Time Warner Cable (and that's probably fairly limiting).

Thanks in advance!

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