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What to do about a "short pour"?

dd992emo | Feb 7, 200801:52 PM

Local place for dinner. Wife didn't want wine, so I ordered by the glass. The glass comes with maybe 3 oz in it. I'm not a bartender, but I thought a standard by the glass pour is 4 oz. I asked the waiter what was up and he said it is their standard pour for by the glass wines. I asked him to take it back and he said the bartender would not take it back. Place was pretty busy and I really wasn't po'd enough to argue with the manager, so I let it go and sent them an email this morning asking if it was a conscious decision or if they just have poorly trained bartenders. I don't expect to receive an answer. I did ask two friends and they agreed the place pours lightly.

I also have known bartenders who supplement their income with shorts and spills, so that could be in play.

Was I wrong in the first place about the standard? I understand I can avoid the place, but the food is okay and I can always order a bottle. I'm just looking for some education here.

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