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Dbird | Oct 23, 2003 01:17 AM

The first time I had it, it was at the bottom of a sake filled champagne flute-- like an oyster shooter. They called it milt and I wasn't quite sure... but that was also the good part. Just now I had a big plate full and they looked more like intestines and masticated more like brains than I remembered. I didn't want to give up the progress I had made at this sushi bar by refusing this first-time offer so gamely made my way through (and the taste was not so much the issue) until the s- word the sushi chef had been saying repeatedly, and that I'd been repressing from full consciousness rose up and settled itself on my plate and in my throat and I really could not proceed.

I don't want to be unnecessarily gross or betray too much my ignorance of piscine anatomy but I don't quite understand how it could be what he said it was: sperm. Is the aquatic equivalent of rocky mountain oysters-- or worse?

I love caviar and tobiko and don't know why this seems less appealing but it is infinitely more so. What do you think?

I 'm sure I'm asking for it but am not soliciting jocular responses.

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