Help with a Sherry ....


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Help with a Sherry ....

Cheese Boy | Dec 1, 2006 06:24 AM

Can someone chime in with a recommendation for a Sherry that would fare well in a recipe for Poppy Seed Cake. The absence of this liquor in my cabinet has been delaying my preparation for quite some time. All I require is 4 ounces of it in the recipe. I've deduced that the cake is going to be somewhat dense, based on some of the other ingredients. Salad oil, sour cream, sherry, and 4 eggs. No milk. No H20. I'm willing to experiment. I think the sherry here has the potential to put this cake over the top. Any suggestions? I don't drink sherry, but I would prefer something on the sweet(er) side. Can I substitute a brandy or cognac? I feel it's a matter of taste. Right?

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