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re: sharpening cheap knives

rockandroller1 | Feb 9, 2009 06:58 AM

Ok, I'll admit it. Our knives are really quite dull and there's only so much we've been able to do with a stone at home. I know they're dangerous, but am too embarrassed to take them anywhere for a "professional" sharpening because frankly they are really, really cheap - the kind that come in a big block/set, plus they are several years old.

We do have two other, more "professional" knives that also need sharpening, but I keep thinking if I take those, I'd like to take the others as well, but I just feel like they'd look at me like "who are you kidding, I'm not sharpening those." Should I be embarrased? Have others taken their cheap, knife block set knives to be sharpened?

And as an aside, this probably sounds really whack, but I really need two of my nail gizmos sharpened and don't know where else to take them but to a knife sharpening place. Would it look completely weird to bring these along as well? It seems a shame to throw them out since if they were sharpened, they would work fine. They are cuticle trimmers, like this, and have teeny, tiny blades:

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