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Shanghai style shabu-shabu like dish?


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Shanghai style shabu-shabu like dish?

e.d. | Feb 14, 2002 05:35 PM

Last weekend I was in a Shanghai style Chinese restaurant and noticed the couple at a nearby table eating something I'd never seen before. They had a large round bottomed cauldron in front of them on a flaming burner. Around the cauldron were little plates with various and assorted things on them. One had chopped cabbage and another had what might have been uncooked shrimp--it was that grayish color. Anyway, they would drop these things into the cauldron and then, I think, later take them out and eat them. From the little I could see it didn't seem like they were just immersing the items and eating them immediately, but I could be wrong about that. One thing that I did notice for sure was that the cauldron was divided into two sides with a divider that went all the way up to the rim. From where I sat I could see bubbling liquid only in one side. I didn't have a very good view, and I am too shy to go up to strangers in a restaurant (who might not even speak English for all I know) and ask them what they are eating. Have any of you hounds heard or seen such a thing? What is it called and how is it eaten? An enquiring stomach wants to know.

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