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well shaken or well-shaken buttermilk

blackpowdermorning | Feb 12, 200910:18 AM     4

Some recipes call for well-shaken buttermilk... now as a buttermilk novice, I'm not sure what this means. How long to shake it for? How vigorous? How do I know when it is shaken enough? What is it's purpose?

The only thing I could come up with for it's purpose, is to aerate the milk somehow... which could easily be done other ways with mechanics (although it would dirty more dishes, granted).

In todays day and age, the buttermilk, I doubt is true buttermilk (the milk leftover from making butter) anyhow.... so if its purpose was to somehow separate fat from everything else... the objective doesn't seem as though it is being attained, especially with north american dairy having to be pasteurized prior to selling.

Does anybody have advice on this? Or extra info? If anything information is wrong, please correct me.

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