Shabazi Chinese cleavers - need help reading packaging


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Shabazi Chinese cleavers - need help reading packaging

rosetown | Dec 11, 2011 02:59 PM

I recently purchased 2 Shabazi Chinese cleavers, stainless steel, 4Cr13Mov, primarily to mince small amounts of meat. I own a good quality grinder and vertical stuffer, which are stored in the basement, for large sausage making jobs. I certainly do not want to trot out the grinder for mincing 1 or 2 lbs at a time.

I’ve done 2, one pound batches so far, about 3 minutes each. Initially I started with a pinch grip, but found it wanting, and subsequently gravitated to chopping gripping the handles and taking advantage of wrist and elbow pivot. The edges held up surprising well.

I also sharpened the cleavers, on the finer side of a 2 sided, 5 dollar, Chinese stone. The improvement in sharpness from the factory edge was marginal at best. Since I’m a novice at using stones, I’ll give it another go, and if there is not a significant improvement, I will purchase a better stone.

The above aside, the script on the packaging is all in Chinese characters, and I would appreciate an interpretation.

Photos below:

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