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SF: Miller's East Coast Deli – H & H bagels, Sunshine Valley pickles, J.M. Rosen’s rugelah and cheesecake.

rworange | Mar 29, 200811:05 AM

Despite a little disappointment with the pastrami … on my first visit here … I like Miler’s … I really like it.


The pickles from a company in the Central valley were the best of everything I tried. They are nicely crisp with an addictive garlic flavor. Next time I’ll give the half sours a try. The server said it took them a long time to find this company.


I’m unsure about the bagels from NY. They are a little different. A little breadier than I expected and my poppy seed bagel could have done with a few more poppy seeds. There was a hint of sweetness to it … like the sweetness in some challahs. I only had a bite and will have to see how I like the rest in the future.

It was hot when I got it though not micro-waved. My understanding is that bagels are boiled and partially baked in NY, shipped overnight and the baking is completed at the deli. Don’t know if they are baked to order or I was lucky getting a warm bagel


Fans of Rosen’s cheesecake … it is available here. I actually liked it more than when I tried it a while back. First of all, like all the portion and price were reasonable ($4.99.). They didn’t do that Max’s over-the-top, portions on steroids nonsense. The focus was on quality rather than shock-value quantity.

The cheesecake, though a bit sweet, had a lovely, creamy texture that reminded me of a cheese cake my family would drive 30 miles to a deli in New Haven, Ct.


The Rosen rugelah was good too. They had apricot, strawberry and something else. They were coated with course sugar, flakey, buttery with lots of nuts and generous filling,

I thought this was quite the deal. For $8.99 there was a choice of coleslaw, macaroni salad or potato salad, a whole pickle, a generous sandwich half and soup with a package of saltines.

The chicken noodle soup is ok … a little peppery … the egg noodles are really thin, almost like vermicelli, the carrots a little soft, there was some finely minced onion and celery … yet there is good chicken flavor and nice pieces of shredded chicken … not the cubed faux-looking chicken some soups have. It was respectable if not amazing.

Nice coleslaw which is creamy and tangy. Not too crisp and not too limp

Good marble rye with a pleasantly, chewy crust. Bread choices include: rye, marble rye, pumpernickel, white, wheat, sourdough, Kaiser roll.

Ok, I’ve put off the pastrami discussion as long as possible. Despite the fact it is from the East Coast, I didn’t think it was very tasty. Lots of spice, but no real pastrami flavor. I thought the texture was odd, sort of flabby. I pulled a few pieces from the sandwich and chewed on them to see if I was missing some flavor … nope … to me the flavor was missing.

There is the option of ordering a larger amount of meat in the sandwich. The regular sandwich is 6 oz. Nothing is on it … bread and meat … spicy or French’s mustard is on the table.

Edited update: Saw this after posting. Someone else went on the exact same day and liked the pastrami ... so there you go


I enjoyed the egg cream but I have no experience with this … for some odd reason in all the time I lived on the East Coast I never ordered one … I was more of a cream soda type I once thought there was egg in it instead of Fox's U-Bet chocolate syrup, so that is probably what put me off in long, ago past.


The meatloaf on another table looked WONDERFUL as did the basket of onion rings I haven’t read a bad thing about either on the web.

I like the ambiance. They have a real deli vibe without trying too hard like Max’s.

There is a long deli counter up front and three rows of tables in back. Ceiling fans and a few paintings complete the décor.

I’ve read a lot about bad service, however I thought the staff was efficient and as friendly as a deli staff is expected to be.

Not like the star deli’s Carnegies, Katz’s etc … but the little neighborhood joints.

It seems that the Deli was sold in 2004 and the name changed from East Coast West Deli. The owner has a deli in Baltimore called Miller’s Deli.

Given the owner’s home base … the house-made Maryland crab cakes might be worth trying.

I want to give some of the breakfasts a try too. Things of interest to me on the long menu

- stuffed derma
- toasted hoagies
- House Roasted Turkey Breast, with House Made Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, Cranberry Sauce, Turkey Gravy, and Fresh Steamed Broccoli.
- The Chicago Dog with Vienna Sport Peppers, Vienna Relish, Lettuce, and Sliced Tomatoes … lettuce?
- The “Bomb” Split ¼ lb. Kosher Hot Dog, Grilled Bologna, Topped with Russian Dressing and Coleslaw
- Matzo brie Old Fashioned Fried Matzo and Scrambled Eggs
- Sturgeon Benedict
- Deli Benedict Topped with Corned Beef or Pastrami
- House Made Crab Cake Benedict
- Old Fashioned Noodle Kugel Egg Noodles, Apples, Raisins, Almonds, Sour Cream, and Cottage Cheese
- Black and White Cookie, Stella (?), Rice Pudding, Tapioca Pudding

I’ve read positive things about the buffalo wings, hoagies (Philly-style), challah French toast, "Day After" (Turkey thanksgiving sandwich), roasted chicken, garden burger and early-bird $3.99 breakfast special. (before 10:30am get two eggs, home fries, a bagel, and coffee)

Landmines on the menu … burgers, chicken fried steak, sweet and sour cabbage soup, cabbage rolls

Most of the cold cuts are Boar’s Head though.

Not everything is successful … but there is something about this place that says it cares … like the search for the perfect pickle and using one of the best cheesecake companies in the Bay Area.

It seems like a decent blend of NY, Philly and Maryland.

The website link with menu is on the Place record.

Miller's East Coast Deli
1725 Polk St, San Francisco, CA 94109

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