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SF - El Maya Yucatan Cuisine – Torta de Cochinita & happy hour

rworange | Mar 30, 200707:59 PM     17

This is sandwich simplicity at its best. A crusty roll, slightly toasted in the oven filled with thick chunks of meltingly tender pork with the slightest bit of fat for flavor and juices soaking into the roll.

That was it … roll … pork … nothing else was needed. $3.50.

The roll was nothing special, but did the job of absorbing the juice without getting soggy or falling apart. I am guessing that this was conchinita pipil filling the roll. I’m not familiar enough with that dish to know if that was a good version or not. I do know pork though. This was porcine perfection.

The cheese empanada ($1.75) hot from the grease was good with an oozy cheese center. A seven on the lard-o-meter.

I didn’t like the panucho though. The fried tortilla was a little too lard-laden and chewy. It was spread with a smear of beans, topped with shredded pork that wasn’t as flavorful as the pork in the torta. The chopped onion was just chopped red onion and not pickled. Some shredded cabbage, a slice of supermarket tomato and a dot of avocado topped it - $1.75.

Squeeze bottles of a VERY hot green sauce are on the table. Be warned. This is not your mild tomatillo salsa. I don’t think it is habenero, but whatever it was it was searing. Nice pepper smell to it too.

A cup of thick-ish red tomato sauce came with the empanada. Not sure if I liked it or not. There was almost a note of fish sauce to it.

Pictures of dishes are at the front counter. Some dishes I’d like to try based on the pictures

- Puchero – a soup with chunks of veggies. More about puchero on the General Board

- Rellneo Negro – This was a very black soupy dish

- Torta de Poc-Chuck – It just looked really good

There is a pretty simple menu. There are pollo and carnitas tortas. Other items
- tostada con pollo ($3.50)
- Yucatan tamales ($1.75)
- Salbutes – ($1.75)
- Mondongo ($7)
- Cochinita Pibil ($7)
- Carnitas ($7)
- Poc-Chuc ($7.50)
- Pollo Azado ($7)

There were four specials today … sopa de mariscos ($10), carne azada ($11), Pollo con papas ($7), something con Puerco.

It is a clean and serviceable restaurant in colors of yellow, orange and blue with a Mayan mural on one wall. Simple wood tables with café chairs.

This reminded me of nothing special restaurants in Mexico city that just had good if not fancy food. They only take cash and speak mainly Spanish.

Located on Mission & 16th one store down from the BART station.

Thanks to Melanie who spotted the place and asked about it.

From the business card …

Phat V. Ma
Hung Ly
Santo Bacza

A hand-written sign in the window announced a ‘happy hour’ from 7pm to 10 pm when there was a 10% discount on food. No alcohol sold though.

El Maya Yucatan Cuisine
2022 Mission St
San Francisco, CA 94110


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