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Severely Burnt pressure cooker

vocaloide117 | Jul 5, 201703:07 PM

So recently I've just finished my final exams at secondary school and to celebrate me and my friends wanted to make a fire burning all out text books and loose sheets of revision paper. We had nothing to burn it in until I found a giant metal pan which turned out to be my mums pressure cooker(didn't realise this until AFTER Id made the fire sh*t!)

We went a head and burned loads of paper, my blazer and text books. After I'd let the pot cool for a few days I disposed of the ashes only to find the pressure cooker SERVERLY BURNT. As you could imagine mum is not very happy. I need help cleaning the black off the pan so we can use the pot again. I understand this was the most stupid thing I could do and wish I'd just recycled the paper and donate my uniform rather than burn it. I've recycled the rest of my papers that didn't get burnt. PLEASE HELP!!!!

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