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Sesame Oil & Cashews: Value addition


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Sesame Oil & Cashews: Value addition

Amin (London Foodie '''') | Jun 17, 2005 04:54 AM

My thanks to funwithfood & sudiepav for their response
to an earlier post ''winter or holiday foods /
ingredients', and the response from sudiepav got me
thinking to tap into the vast knowledge a lot of you

The problem: Being an importer (and exporter) of
foods, I sometimes get stuck with slow moving goods.
At present I have about 15 cases of pure sesame oil
In 150g and upwards to catering sizes (from Singapore)
and about 40 cases of cashews in 28g airline type
sachets which I had picked up cheaply from a re-
packer in Holland.

Question : Can the sesame oil be used as an ingredient
(similar to vinegar/ vodka) to provide value addition
(at the same time assist me in getting rid of this
darn stuff ) such as pickles for example, say in
180g / 340g jars ? If so, what would the suggested
additional ingredients be (garlic / ginger / chilli /
bean sprouts / cucumber / radish ) ??

Also with regard to the cashews, is there any
alternative re-use for these such as grinding,
powdering, or pickling ?

Note: Please provide your ideas and not recipes as it
would be painful to have this post deleted by the
hound cops. I shall post anew on the cooking board
subsequently in this context

Thanks in advance /Amin

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