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Service disaster at Dim Sum Go Go


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Service disaster at Dim Sum Go Go

lchang | Sep 17, 2007 03:04 PM

How is it possible to go out for dim sum and leave hungry? Here's how.

We arrived at Dim Sum Go Go around 2:30 Sunday for a leisurely dim sum lunch. The crowds were winding down and we were promptly seated upstairs at a large table, which was soon occupied with two other parties as well. Even though it was in the 60s outside, the room was probably 90 degrees, but I was willing to overlook that for some good food. We placed an order for 5 dim sum dishes to start, thinking we'd start with those, then order some more depending on our mood.

Then the wait began. Both other parties at our table placed orders after us. After around 15-20 minutes, they all received their food, while we continued to wait. At this point, we were sweating and starving and watching everyone around us digging in was becoming painful. I asked the waiter to check on our dishes on two occasions, and was given the brush off both times and told it was coming. I also asked for water since the heat was becoming unbearable, and received it only after my THIRD request. After about 45 minutes, (while tables around us that arrived after us were paying checks) I told our waiter that we didn't care to wait any longer and I was told that they couldn't find our order. He suggested that perhaps it was delivered to another party at our table. He then proceeded to look through our neighbors' baskets of food to see if ours might have ended up there, much to their dismay, and ours. As if we'd want food that our neighbors had been picking on for the past 25 minutes!

Long story short, they tracked down the order, and it arrived in another 10 minutes. The food was ok, the pea shoot dumplings were better than ok. But honestly, I was beyond annoyed at this point I could hardly taste anything. We scarfed it down and couldn't get out of there soon enough to get something else to eat.

I expect very little in terms of service at dim sum restaurants, just that some food arrives, preferably hot, in a reasonable amount of time, but this was BAD. I think I'll stick to cart places from now on.

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