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Best Service You Ever Had

ThaiNut | Mar 19, 200809:06 AM

Some years ago I was part of a team visiting Los Alamos National Labs, NM reviewing a contract and one night our Lab's host suggested that we go to the nearby town of White Rock for dinner. I can't recall the name of the restaurant but White Rock was quite a small town so this may have been the premier restaurant there. There were about 16 people in our group and after we'd been seated the waitress, in her mid-twenties, came to take our drink order. She never wrote a single thing down. She kept her hands folded in front of her. She stood on one side of the table and started with the person directly opposite her. She simply looked very intently at each diner and nodded her head when the order had been given. The drinks soon arrived on a cart and she flawlessly put every drink in front of the right person. Exact same with the appetizers and then the main courses and last the desserts and coffee. She and a helper arrived with the food plates on a cart and he followed her around the table as she flawlessly served each person. Of course everyone picked up on her procedure which I imagine was some sort of mental association of the diner's appearance and his/her order. Needless to say, she got a massive tip.

So, folks, what really superlative service experiences have you had?

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