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Hi! My name is __ & I'll be your server tonight.


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Hi! My name is __ & I'll be your server tonight.

Michelly | Sep 26, 2010 02:12 PM

I'm just curious; I've seen a number of CHs complain that they do NOT like their server introducing themselves. The practise establishes 2 things; who is ultimately responsible for waiting on you, and what their name is in case you need to have them come to your table immediately (like you forgot to say "no butter on the toast").
I've also seen here complaints about servers asking how everything is. How is the server supposed to know what you need to have your meal made better (a little extra dressing, another look at the beer & wine list, do you want to move away from the table with the small children, etc.)?
Is the meat underdone? Did you change your mind and want the soup instead? Do you need a condiment that's not there?
Obviously, I've been a server, and as a customer, I always want to know the name of my server and have them check up on me to see if I need anything. Hell, I expect it.

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